International Speakers at the UX Writer Conference ‘21

We love international travel for many reasons. For one, it’s a wonderful break from our routine, and it is often synonymous with fresh perspective. Consider how much we also love small doses of fresh perspective in our work. This is one of the fantastic gains in attending the UX Writer Conference ‘21. We bank valuable […]

Sculpting With Words

Unsurprisingly, the UX Writer Conference is all about words. But several sessions especially focus on words and how we as writers are able to mold them into so many different masterpieces. The conference kicks off with a feature presentation where Andrew Lubega, host of the CopyCats podcast, will show us how to influence stakeholders, grow […]

A New and Improved Guide to Articles About UX Writing

Have you had a chance to check out the Comprehensive Guide to Articles About UX Writing recently? This resource just got a major refresh. Compiled by students at the University of Washington, this guide lists dozens of articles on UX writing. Each link includes a short summary to help readers find where they want to […]

The Opportunities Track is Rich with Career Advice

Join us to learn pivotal career advice. The Opportunities Track focuses on UX writing careers and advice from several UX writing mentors. The tips and explanations are specific to UX writing and walk you through topics such as the importance of personal branding, how to break in to the UX writing world, common industry challenges, […]

The Techniques Track: A Box of Chocolates

The Techniques track at this October ’21 UX Writer Conference is like a box of fancy chocolates. You’ll find lots of different flavors but some candies will have things in common, such as a milk chocolate covering or a coconut filling. The track offers multiple ways for you to reach your audience and connect with […]

Expo Gems

One of the most exciting segments of a conference has always been the product showcase or Expo. In-person, it offers a welcome break from being seated while attending sessions, where you get to walk around, learn about new products, and watch or touch a demo or two. Online, it still offers that thrill of learning […]

Skim The Chats Too… please

With so many educational sessions packed into the UX Writer Conference ’21 June 8 – 9 event, you might be tempted to beeline it for the recordings and feel like you got everything. But before you do, peek at the chats too. Take for example this string of texts about making copy both friendly and […]

The Next UX Writer Conference is June 8 – 9

Paul Albertson, Sandra Youssef The UX Writer Conference is for writers with career interests centering on UX Writing.  While this discipline shares many foundation skills with others, UX writing is carving out its own space in the tech industry. This is a great time to exchange thoughts, techniques, and experiences with each other in a dedicated event. […]

The UX Writer Conference Did It Again!

With much of life still virtual, we’re getting better at this! The third virtual UX Writer Conference hosted on February 9th and 10th welcomed 255 participants from 31 countries, compared to 26 countries last October. In addition to our usual stage presentations and concurrent sessions, we still featured speed networking and end of day open […]

The February 2021 program was exceptional!

My highlights from the UX Writer Conference-Feb ’21 The conference hosted an impressive lineup of speakers. We saw live, online presentations from around the world including Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, and the U.S. I really enjoyed catching a glimpse of professional views on UX writing from across the globe. John Moore Williams […]