The Opportunities Track is Rich with Career Advice

Join us to learn pivotal career advice. The Opportunities Track focuses on UX writing careers and advice from several UX writing mentors.

The tips and explanations are specific to UX writing and walk you through topics such as the importance of personal branding, how to break in to the UX writing world, common industry challenges, your value as a writer in a design world, and why you should localize your copy.

If you aren’t quite sure what “localized copy” is, you’re in the right place. You will learn what that is and why you should localize your copy. The reasons go way beyond good writing and marketing value. Hadas Khen, UX writer at Fiverr, will guide you. She mentors writers who want to become UX writers.

Localize Your UX Copy! Put Yourself in Their Shoes Think Like Your Users,” is the title of her session. Hadas will walk you through a detailed list of practical things you can do to localize your text. The result? You’ll have to wait and see.

When you’re looking for a job, and throughout your career, one of the smartest things you can do is create a personal brand. Susan Reoch, self-employed UX writer and copywriter, also helps new writers with their careers through mentoring and through her e-book – “The UX Writer’s Guide.”

Susan will explain “Why You Should Be Building a Personal Brand (and How to Do It Well).” She will share examples of personal branding, an approach to starting, why you need a personal brand to succeed at UX writing, and more.

Career mentors Laura Costantino and Andrew Astleford share “What We Learned as Mentors About Breaking Into UX.” Laura is a content designer and strategist who works with UX, content, and marketing.  Andrew is a UX writer who transitioned from a career in sports journalism. He is a UX Writing Hub mentor.

Laura and Andrew will teach you how to market yourself to get your first UX writing job, and what you can do to strengthen your resume and portfolio.

Michelle de Marée and Oline Schøler work together in a UX writing agency that they cofounded, called Copy That. They will guide you through their presentation –“UX Writing for Multiple Product Companies: Common Themes and Challenges in the Industry.” Michelle and Oline have a great line-up of “how to” steps that will help you write more efficiently, effectively, and showcase your work.

Like many of the other speakers in the Opportunities Track, Michelle and Oline will help you see the value in your work and teach you how to show it off to prospective employers or work clients.

Lisa Sookraj also focuses on the value of a UX writer. She’s going to explain “The Value of a UX Writer in a Design World.” Lisa will guide you through the inside story of a UX writer’s reality. For example, how the work is extremely team-oriented compared to most other types of writing. Lisa will share tips for successful collaborative relationships. She will help you value your writer role and share that stance with the rest of your team (i.e., development person, design person, UX writer.) And that’s not all!

We look forward to seeing you at the Opportunities Track!

By Anne Hammond