What A Great Conference!

The UX Writer Conference ‘21 October event really hit the mark.

A terrific lineup of 34 speakers delivered highly informative, engaging, and inspirational talks. From career advice and best practices to online tools and continuing education opportunities, speakers talked on a range of relevant, helpful topics.

A very engaged audience seemed to take on a participatory “this is my conference too” perspective and were not shy about sharing their professional experiences and ideas, as well as some occasionally hilarious reflections on life as a UX writer, in the chats—all of which was great to see!

Just look at a few of the approving comments people posted in the chats.

“This was so good!”

“Thank you so much, everyone! This was such an uplifting experience. I love our users, but I also love US.”

“Great content!”

“Thank you for this wonderful gathering! Feeling inspired!”


“Thanks for the conference! I definitely have some actionable items that I can use starting tomorrow.”

“Enjoyable and engaging learning experience!”

More than 250 people representing 31 countries (shown below) registered for the conference, giving it a genuine international vibe.

Argentina * Australia * Austria * Brazil * Canada * Czechia * Denmark * Egypt * Finland * France * Germany * Greece * India * Ireland * Israel * Italy * Lithuania * Netherlands * Nigeria * Poland * Portugal * Romania * Russia * Singapore * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * United Kingdom * United States * Uruguay * Vietnam

It is fair to say the whole event had a real positive, engaging tone where attendees gathered inspiration, wisdom, and helpful advice. Such a wonderful experience overall—kudos to all those who took part!

In keeping with a regular cadence for these online events, Joe Welinske is gearing up for the UX Writer Conference ’22 February, scheduled February 1 – 2, 2022.

Keep an eye out for details in the weeks and months ahead!