International Speakers at the UX Writer Conference 2021

We love international travel for many reasons. For one, it’s a wonderful break from our routine, and it is often synonymous with fresh perspective.

Consider how much we also love small doses of fresh perspective in our work. This is one of the fantastic gains in attending the UX Writer Conference ’21. We bank valuable perspectives from colleagues across the globe from the safety and comfort of home.

The UX Writer Conference ‘21, October 5 – 6 event features an impressive lineup of speakers from 13 countries. Check out the list of countries represented by speakers in the program:

United Kingdom
United States

Here are a couple of speakers in the program with perspectives that may be of interest.

Jack Murray is a UX Content Designer in Vilnius, Lithuania. Jack works for Surfshark—a relatively young, but rapidly growing tech company delivering online security. Jack recently asked his boss for a job title change, from UX Writer to “UX Content Designer.” His boss approved the change, as it helps others at the company see Jack as someone helping product design through the lens of content—not just somebody to butter in grammar once the cake is baked. Jack is passionate about word-craft as the backbone to storytelling in user experience. As he puts it, “We are telling a story, we are guiding users, we are creating emotions, helping people accomplish goals.” And the key to success is placing UX writers on the design team as co-equal collaborators – from ideation to product delivery.

Andrea Warschun is a UX Writer in Montevideo, Uruguay. Andrea works for Tata Consultancy Services—a large company based in Mumbai that employs more than 500,000 people world-wide. She was hired as a copywriter, as TCS does not have a job description for “UX Writer.” When a colleague later pointed out to Andrea that she was actually doing UX writing, Andrea decided to pursue an online certification in UX Writing. She has continued on this path, completing an impressive array of self-paced courses that have deepened her skillset and marketability. From her experience, Andrea would recommend to someone interested in UX writing to “Complete a UX Writing course.” And “from there, expand on that” training as dictated by one’s interests and the needs of their employer.

In total, 20 speakers from 12 countries (other than the USA) will talk on a wide range of topics germane to the UX writing profession.

The UX Writer Conference ‘21 is a wonderful opportunity for UX writers to hear from (and interact with) colleagues across the globe—to snag some fresh perspective.

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