Who’s Speaking at UX Writer?

UX Writer just wrapped up its fifth virtual conference. It began at a time when many professionals used to an in-person work environment were figuring out how to work from home. Since people couldn’t come to a conference, why not bring a conference to them? With this need to go fully virtual, thanks to platforms like Hopin for making it possible, the organizers saw definite perks:

  • – speakers and guests could attend from exactly where they were,
  • – no need for travel reservations and meal catering meant more time to focus on activities and content, and
  • – still ‘being’ together, exchanging knowledge and making new connections, from home.

Which brings us to the speakers. Each of the five conferences featured a fresh roster of speakers, from the expert authors and practitioners to the fresh graduates still dipping their toes in the field. A complete list of amazing contributors and presenters is on the All-time Speaker Gallery wall of fame. Every speaker was able to bring something new to the table, be it –

  • – their journey to UX,
  • – tried and tested strategies,
  • – personal growth stories,
  • – solo UX writer experiences,
  • – global user challenges,
  • – remote teams,
  • – microcopy, voice and tone,
  • – accessibility and inclusivity good practices,
  • – content and data, and
  • – just a wealth of information to share and exchange.

Whether a 45-minute presentation or a 5-minute Quick Bite contribution, the speakers definitely had our attention.

Several of the conference sponsors and vendors were able to set up virtual booths, in addition to live talks about their tools and programs to benefit the UX community. We’ve seen Figma plugins, chatbots, professional programs and certificates, best-selling books, and more.

Putting it all together – networking activities, deeper dives and open chat sessions – all this talent came together for some of the most interesting and rewarding virtual conversations yet. And the best part is that it’s all recorded!

With the flexibility of a virtual conference, all the speakers needed to reach us was a stable internet connection, good lighting, and maybe a headset. Based out of Seattle, WA, UX Writer has hosted speakers from down the street to across the globe, and everything in between – Asia, Europe, South America, South-East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, plus most of the United States and Canadian provinces. And what a wonderfully enriching experience it has been!

Be sure to catch the next one – UX Writer returns on February 1-2, 2022, with the best rates starting at just $95. We believe that virtual conferences do not need to cost as much as live events used to. Also, consider signing up as a speaker – the Call for Speakers is now open! Share your ideas and a bit about yourself with us. We are looking for thought leadership and real-world case studies. Receive complimentary admission and more importantly, an unforgettable experience. Proposals will be accepted until Nov 15th.

We’d love to hear from you!