Overview of the Venue


The UX Writer Conference takes place on Hopin — a secure, password-protected event space.

You create your own login to gain entrance, and the entire event takes place inside one virtual space.

You can participate in all event activities from the comfort of home or office.

There are several ways to take part and network with other attendees.

Here’s a quick tour…

Tour the Event Platform


  • Upon logging in and joining the event, you’ll land in the Reception area.
  • Say “Hello!” in the Event chat and scroll the Reception page to see the schedule and other helpful information.
  • Click the “Add to My Agenda” buttons in the schedule to create your own agenda in advance.


  • Watch keynote and other feature presentations in the Stage area.


  • Watch presentations in the Sessions area.
  • Many segments feature concurrent presentations — visit them all, or watch one from start to finish.
  • Post questions in chat; the speaker will address them during the session’s Q&A.


  • Meet other attendees and build your network.
  • Participate in Networking and get randomly paired with other attendees for 3-minute, 1:1 meetings — a fun way to make new connections!


  • Visit sponsor and vendor booths in the Expo area to learn about their products and services.

More Activities

  • Deeper Dives. Pick one of several topics and join its session in the Sessions Area. Each topic features a moderated discussion with select speakers and other attendees who ask to join on camera.
  • Quick Bites. As an attendee, submit an idea for a 5-minute talk in advance. About five topics are featured in a hosted discussion.

After the Event

  • Access event materials — recordings, slide decks, and chats — in a password-protected library.
  • You will receive an email with a link and password to the library.

For more information

See More Venue Features and Helpful Tips.