Venue for our Online Event

The UX Writer Conference is coming to you only online. There is no physical in-person component. You can join all activities from the comfort of your home or office.

Our virtual venue offers you a variety of ways to enjoy the content and communicate with other attendees. Here’s a quick tour. We also have information with More Venue Features and Venue Tips.

A Tour of the UX Writer Conference Platform

The Reception

  • Password-protected and secure. The entire event takes place inside one virtual space. Each attendee creates their own login to gain entrance.
  • Once you’re logged in, there are several different areas for viewing and interaction.

The Stage

  • The keynote and other feature presentations are on the Stage.

The Sessions

  • Several time slots have concurrent breakout sessions. Pick one or visit all.
  • The Sessions room lets you gather for your own small group private discussions.

Q&A follows all of the presentations on the Stage and in the Sessions.

The Networking

  • Meet with individuals. Two sessions will match you up with several of the attendees for one-on-one, 3-minute introductions and chats.

More Activities

  • “Table” topic discussions where you can pick from one or more topics. Each topic gets its own room where you’ll have a moderated discussion with the others who pick the topic.
  • Quick Bites unconference. Every attendee can submit an idea in advance for a 5-minute talk. Ten of those pitches will be hosted on the Stage.

After the Event

  • Video recordings of each event, showing speaker and any slides, will be available in a password-protected library.