More Venue Features

The Important Stuff First

Pro Tips (for using Hopin)

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome (or Firefox) as your browser.
  • Avoid Safari, Explorer, and Edge (these browsers limit platform functionality).
  • Do not use a VPN (they are not compatible with Hopin).
  • Run a pre-event check.

Event Recordings

  • Recordings of presentations are available to all attendees during the conference (with Replay) and after the conference.
  • After the conference, all attendees receive an email with a link and password to the recordings and other event materials.

Hopin Event Areas


Review the schedule, sponsors, and helpful links in Reception.

  • Use “What’s happening now” when they appear in Reception to quickly navigate to live areas.
  • Watch for “LIVE” and “NOW” tags to spot live action.
  • Build your “My Agenda” from the schedule.


Watch Organizer messages and plenary presentations in Stage.


Watch speaker presentations in Sessions.

  • Post questions and comments for speakers in Sessions Chat.
  • Join on camera during Deeper Dives discussions.
  • Click “+ Add Session” to set up your own group meeting.


Connect with other attendees in People.

  • Take part in the Virtual one-on-one (Networking) segments — 3-minute, 1:1 meetings with other attendees.
  • Networking is always available, but your chances of meeting others is best during Virtual one-on-one segments.
  • During a 1:1 meeting, click “Connect” to exchange contact information.
  • After the event, see your new connections added to your Hopin account.


Review sponsor and vendor products and services in Expo.

  • Click the video area to see a short video.
  • Learn about a vendor’s product or service.

Chat tabs

Use the Chat tabs to post questions, share an idea, or promote your product or service!

  • Event chat — Say “Hello!” or post a message for everyone in the conference.
  • Stage chat — Post questions for feature speakers.
  • Session chat — Post questions for session speakers.
  • Booth chat — Post comments and questions for the vendor.

People tab

Like the People area, find and connect with other attendees.

  • Send them a direct message (click their name in one of the chats or find them in the People tab).
  • Watch for the red dots that appear upper right, alerting you to a new DM.
  • Find a friend and start a private chat or a video call.