Helpful Tips for Navigating Our Virtual Venue

Get the most out of your conference…

Review the schedule and helpful information in the Reception area. Use “Add to My Agenda” buttons in the schedule to create your own program.

Post questions and comments in chat for speakers in the Stage and Sessions areas.

Use networking in the People area to build your network.

Check out the booths in the Expo area.

Reception Area

The Reception area is where you’ll find the schedule.

Keep an eye out for the “What’s happening now” button links that take you where you want to go.

You’ll also spot red “LIVE” tags that show you where to go for live action.

Stage Area

The Stage area is where you’ll watch plenary presentations by the Organizer and keynote speakers.

Sessions Area

The Sessions area is where you’ll watch most of the speaker presentations.

Some sessions, like Deeper Dives, are round-table discussions, which is your chance to join on camera.

In the Sessions area, you can create your own session to meet with other attendees.

People Area

The People area is where you find and connect with others — a great resource to you build your network.

During the “Virtual one-on-one Chats” segments, take part in Networking — an online version of “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations.

When you participate in Networking, you can exchange contact information with the other person during your 1:1 meeting. You can also leave a meeting at any time.

The Networking activity is a lot of fun!

Expo Area

The Expo area is where you will find sponsor and vendor booths that showcase their products and services.

Chats & Direct Messages

You will encounter several chat spaces during the event. Messages from the Event Organizer are highlighted in blue.

  • Event chat — Post messages for everyone at the event.
  • Stage chat — Post questions and comments for the speaker and others attending a Stage segment.
  • Session chat — Post messages and questions for the speaker and others attending a session.
  • Meeting chat — Post a link or something of interest to the other person in your private 1:1 Networking meeting.
  • Booth chat — Post messages and questions for booth sponsors and vendors in Expo.
  • Direct messages — Click on a name in any chat, or find them in either the People area or the People tab, and send a private DM .