Sculpting With Words

Unsurprisingly, the UX Writer Conference is all about words. But several sessions especially focus on words and how we as writers are able to mold them into so many different masterpieces.

The conference kicks off with a feature presentation where Andrew Lubega, host of the CopyCats podcast, will show us how to influence stakeholders, grow teams and build copy capability into our business – all with just words, in 7 Laws of Making Copy Count in Your Business.

Michele Schell, a Senior UX Writer passionate about social innovation through design, will shed some light on how the very traditional field of linguistics has transformed to adapt to our projects. Linguistics-based research, tools and common processes can always be used to design with better information, as we will see in The Role of Linguistics in Strategic Design.

Merav Levkowitz, founder of content consultancy MeravWrites, will focus on writing for engagement by tapping into human psychology and behavior, namely value, fear and proof, to help us craft the right words in The Holy Trinity of Engagement: 3 Key Components for More Clicks, Signups, and Successful User Journeys.

Saurabh Malkar, on the other hand, will use his extensive UX experience writing for SaaS product apps and websites, to focus on placeholder texts, punctuation, and different letter cases to fine tune the art of content design in The Little Things About UX Writing That Matter a Lot.

Finally, Anukriti Sharma, cybersecurity content designer, will show us how less is more, highlighting The Power of Plain Language and Importance of Style Guides in shaping products, maintaining consistency, and reducing a user’s cognitive load.

As Michael Hyatt said: “Our words have power.” He wasn’t wrong.