The Second UX Writer Conference – What Was New?

Following the footsteps of the first online UX Writer conference in June, Welinske & Associates hosted their second UX Writer conference October 6&7 – also fully virtual, also a success. But with new additions.

Over 260 participants represented 26 countries. The event kicked off with Who We Are and What We Do. It was eye-opening to see all the different job titles that UX Writers have been assigned over the years, and interesting to see how the industry has evolved.

There were over two dozen speakers to anchor the two-day event. The hallmark educational sessions were supplemented by live Expo vendor showcases, Virtual One-on-One Chats, Quick Bites, Deeper Dives, and post-event open chats.

The the newest addition to the conference was the Book Club. Six of the finest UX Writing books were featured and discussed. Some were hosted by the authors, for a perfect opportunity to connect and perhaps score a “virtual autograph”. The Book Club titles definitely ended up on more than a few reading lists.

To all participants, speakers, exhibitors, hosts, and staff – thank you for making this event possible and enjoyable! Until the next one, for it will all be happening again in February 2021.