Welcome Back to the UX Writer Conference!

Get ready for this fast-paced, two-day, all-digital event!

Choose from an impressive lineup of presentations by experienced practitioners.  Share your thoughts in roundtable discussions.  Meet new colleagues in short one-on-one meetings—round-robin style.  Interact with event sponsors and bestselling authors.  Start your own video conference with other attendees in the Sessions area.  And more!

Check out our Schedule and Speakers.

If you miss a presentation, do not worry.  We are recording all Stage and Sessions presentations and making them available to you free of charge in a password-protected environment after the event. Speaker slides and chat logs will be available on Dropbox.

At the end of each day, grab your favorite beverage and celebrate the day’s events with others in a video chat open to all.

Here are some helpful tips on using the Hopin Platform

Hopin recommends that users join on a laptop or desktop, as some mobile devices/operating systems will cut off parts of an event and some features might be missing.

For an optimal experience, Hopin recommends that users:

  1. Join on a laptop/desktop
  2. Run Hopin on the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  3. If you are using a Mac/Apple computer, please be sure that your computer is fully up to date (current IOS) and that you have “Screen sharing” and “Screen recording” on under your Settings. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (please do not use Safari).

During the event, keep in mind that once you click on an answer in the Polls tab your choice is final (you cannot change it).

Watch for the small red dots in the Chat/Polls/People tabs.  They signal something new is posted.

If you experience a technical problem or have a question, please contact us in the People tab.  Search for “GET HELP from Joe Welinske” or “GET HELP from Paul Albertson” and send one of us a message.

You can also find helpful tips about the Hopin platform here:  More Venue Features


Join us!  Have fun!