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Copy That • Copenhagen, Denmark

Oline started off as a traditional copywriter and was often frustrated by the fact that her fancy-sounding copy didn’t always perform well. Worse, she rarely knew why. So when she discovered the data-driven world of UX writing, it was truly a game-changer for her.

Before UX stole her heart, she got her graduate degree in International Corporate Communications, and then worked at creative agencies within public relations, advertising, and media.

She moved on to Trustpilot, where she became the Head of the Localization and Copywriting Team at Trustpilot, and set up their global content strategies, processes, style guides, and tone of voice. Once this foundation was in place, she championed UX writing by making it an integrated part of the design process. After establishing the Localization and UX Writing Team at Trustpilot, she decided to dream bigger and spread her wings creatively by repeating that success story for other companies.

Back in October 2020, she co-founded Copy That together with Michelle de Marée with a mission to provide tech companies with content that converts and microcopy that packs a punch in small spaces. Their clients include Shopify, Dixa, and Climate-KIC (the EU’s main climate innovation initiative).

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