Hadas Khen

Fiverr • Tel Aviv, Israel

Hadas, with a background in archaeology, loves to dig into what users need and puzzle together clear and effective UX copy. She’s written for B2G, B2B, and now enjoys the B2C world as a senior UX writer at Fiverr.

UX writing found her at a cyber-intelligence company. Soon after joining, she audited a product and her report led to the revamping of UX texts and design-component copy – Hadas was hooked!

At a global app-attribution company, she found it freaky that she could identify who wrote the UX copy. This led her to write a style guide, and now the copy speaks with the company’s voice and tone.

Over the last year, Hadas started to mentor writers transitioning to UX – some just found her, others are MicroCoffee mentees. UX writing is a path she’s excited to explore (much like when she’s riding backroads on her motorcycle)!

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