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Adobe XD

Let’s XD. Learn Adobe XD with in-depth tutorials and quick tips and tricks.


Inspired Design, Informed by People.



Collaborate on copy. Manage the words across your team’s product with a central source of truth.


One place for your product text.

Started from a personal necessity, Frontitude’s mission is to help companies keep a consistent language across all of their product user interfaces.

In Search of good practices in UX Writing

by Bruno Rodrigues (in Portuguese and Spanish)

Bruno Rodrigues, one of the main Brazilian researchers on the behavior of information in the digital media, presents his fourth book, “In search of good practices in UX Writing”. It is a fundamental work for those who want to enter the fascinating and challenging world of User Experience.

The book is the result of the author´s master’s degree in Creation and Production of Digital Content, and was considered by its evaluation board as a “work of excellent relevance for studies in the field of Digital Communication”.

Microcopy: The Complete Guide

by Kinneret Yifrah

“This book was a life-saving reference for me when I was the first to pilot the role of UX Writer at my company.”

Microcopy is the text we find in digital products – buttons, sign-up forms, assistive copy, error messages, etc. – that motivates users, helps them perform tasks easily, reinforces brand engagement, and in general, turns boring old messages into an interesting, valuable conversation.

“Microcopy: The Complete Guide” gives you the knowledge and tools needed to write smart, effective, and helpful microcopy for your digital product. It includes principles, practical tips, and hundreds of screenshots from actual products by corporations, start-ups, and SMBs. It was translated into 5 languages and is now being read in 51 countries.

Fascinated by the words that light up interfaces? You’ll love this book.



Steyer Content

We partner with our clients to make meaningful connections between people and information.

Steyer Content is a full-service content company that partners with our clients to make meaningful connections between people and information. We have more than 20 years of experience providing technical and creative content services (including UX writing!) to enterprise clients including Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber, and HBO.

University of Washington Certificate in Professional Technical Writing

Communicate Clearly on a Wide Range of Technical Subjects.




Create Professional Customer Journey Maps.
Visualize customer experience and collaborate with your team in real time.

UXPressia is a collaborative user experience platform. Create, export and share designer-ready customer journey maps, personas, and impact maps online.

UX Writing Hub

Your journey to becoming a UX writer starts here.

The UX Writing Hub is an education platform for UX writers including the mentored UX Writing Academy program, a weekly newsletter, the Writers in Tech podcast, and much more.

Check out their free UX Writing course.

XML Press

XML for Technical Communicators

XML Press publishes books and ebooks for technical communicators, content strategists, localization practitioners, and engineers.