JoshuaCarpentier Joshua Carpentier

Opendoor • San Francisco, California, USA

From newspapers to marketing, instructional design to microcopy, I’ve written a lot of words in all kinds of formats. And UX writing is my favorite.

I’ve worked as a UX Writer/Content Designer on national and global designs for apps, websites, and tools at Apple, Enjoy, and Essential. I’ve also worked as a contract UX Writer at Google and Intuit. And currently, I’m the UX Writer/Content Designer at Opendoor.

I like writing so much, I do it outside of work, too — creating sketch comedy in my spare time. Some of it’s even funny. Oh, and Chuck Norris once babysat me (do with that info what you will).

I love to write and design. And I love to help people become better at writing and designing. How can I help you?

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