Candi Williams Candi Williams

Bumble • Bristol, United Kingdom

By day, Candi Williams is a content leader who loves nothing more than supporting her team, solving complex ContentOps challenges and flying the important flag for inclusive design. By night, she’s a published author of four books – and counting.

Since graduating with a first-class degree in English Language and Linguistics many moons ago, she’s been obsessing over psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and the endless power of content on how people think, feel and do. She’s used her word nerdery to solve big challenges, and build teams and content strategies for big name brands and agencies alike.

When she’s not waging the war against unnecessary jargon and inaccessible, head-scratching content, you’ll probably find her tweeting about content and inclusive design, growing her crystal collection, desperately trying to meditate more or seeking out more bright colored kicks.

Twitter: @candiwrites
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