Quick Bites

We all have interesting ideas. Every one of us. Writers are naturally very creative and curious. Hosted by Alan Houser, this session is an opportunity for several new ideas to be presented to us.

In the “Sessions” area, click “Quick Bites” to join us for a small series of quick five-minute presentations by select contributors who share the following new and interesting ideas:

UX Combat: The martial art of dealing with a user-apathetic team.

Tosin Abayomi‘s talk will focus on his experience as UX Writer in a financial organization and making his team understand the impact of usable communication via microcopies on digital products.


Enhance Technical Communication and Training With Exciting Snagit Features: Takeaways From the Techsmith Snagit 2021 Certification Course

By Ping-Yuan Wang



Mary Jean Babic will talk to us about why to stop overusing the word “please’ in our microcopy. It’s not the only way to be courteous, and if often slows our users down in their tasks.




Nicky Bleiel will cover tips and tricks for efficient and productive subject matter expert interviews — whether the interview is in-person, virtual, or asynchronous.




Applying Usability Tests to Chatbots

By Roberta Cadenas




Empathy is a buzzword that’s often thrown around in product design and in our everyday lives, but is all this chatter about empathy overrated? Absolutely not!

Understanding users and developing empathy is essential in UX writing. Find out why and how you can incorporate empathy into your writing.

By Besma Bihnam