Creating Re-usable Micro Content

Micro Content comprises small, self-contained nuggets of content that convey a specific idea or concept – another way of putting it is that each item of Micro Content answers a specific question.  There is an art to creating Micro Content that is clear, concise, and complete, and that is capable of being re-used for multiple purposes.  Great Micro Content can be used in a variety of different contexts, for example: within the UI of an application, or as answers to FAQs on a support web page.

In this presentation, Matthew will start by taking a brief look at the origins of Micro Content. He’ll show a range of examples that illustrate good practice, and will pass on practical tips for writing effective and re-usable Micro Content.

You will learn:

  • What Micro Content is, how the term was coined, and the different ways Micro Content can be used
  • How to write re-usable Micro Content that works in a range of different contexts
  • How Micro Content can be used to enhance Search
  • Tips for sharing Micro Content between tech writers, UX writers, and developers

Location: Sessions Date: February 2, 2022 Time: 10:30 am - 11:15 am photo of Matthew Ellison Matthew Ellison