Book Club


The following books will be featured in the “Expo” section of Hopin, where the sessions will be led by the authors or guest hosts.

Bring your questions and comments, point out your favorite chapter, be part of a lively discussion, or just learn more about these wonderfully crafted books.





Bruno Rodrigues, of the main Brazilian researchers on the behavior of information in the digital media, presents his fourth book “In Search of good practices in UX Writing“, which is published in Portuguese and Spanish. It is a fundamental work for those who want to enter the fascinating and challenging world of User Experience.

The book is the result of the author´s master’s degree in Creation and Production of Digital Content, and was considered by its evaluation board as a “work of excellent relevance for studies in the field of Digital Communication”.



In Michael J. Metts & Andy Welfle‘s “Writing is Designing“, words make software human-centered, and require just as much thought as the branding and code.

Sandra Youssef will discuss with you how this book will show you how to give your users clarity, test your words, and collaborate with your team. You will see that writing is designing.





UX content strategist Torrey Podmajersky provides strategies for converting, engaging, supporting, and re-attracting users in her wonderful book “Strategic Writing for UX“. You’ll use frameworks and patterns for content, methods to measure the content’s effectiveness, and processes to create the collaboration necessary for success. You’ll also structure your voice throughout so that the brand is easily recognizable to its audience.

This session will be hosted by Joe Welinske.





Brent Summers will review Kinneret Yifrah‘s “Microcopy: The Complete Guide“, the only guide you’ll need to write smart, effective microcopy (UX writing). This book gives you the knowledge and tools needed to write smart, effective, and helpful microcopy for your digital product. It includes principles, practical tips, and hundreds of screenshots from actual products by corporations, start-ups, and SMBs. It was translated into 5 languages and is now being read in 51 countries.

Whether you’re a UX writer, UX designer, copywriter, content strategist, product manager, UI designer, digital marketing manager, app and website owner, marketer and sales personnel, small business owner,  blogger, or advertiser – if you are fascinated by the words that light up interfaces, you’ll love this book.



Jonathan Price will help you decide which artifact serves you best when gathering functional requirements at the beginning of a project, based on his book “Write a Use Case: Gathering Requirements that Users can Understand“.

This is a writer’s guide. Use cases help stakeholders and developers reach real agreement on what needs to be built, reducing the chances for disappointment and disaster.

Jonathan Price will explore the benefits of each approach, drawbacks, what your budget tells you and how hybrid you can get. Join him in his live booth Use Case vs User Story: Which is Right for You?



Whether you’re a marketer, brand-builder, educator, designer, or human resources professional, Amy Balliett’s new book “Killer Visual Strategies” will serve as your essential guide to visual communication.

Walk away from this book equipped with the skills to develop the kind of strategic visual content that will drive the future of communication. Join Amy Balliett in her live booth Killer Visual Strategies.



John  Caldwell’s book “Voice and Tone Strategy” provides the building blocks and frameworks content creators can use to win the game with meaningful content.

You can purchase John’s book at  Use code: UXWC-2020 (case insensitive).  Discount: 40% off his book and any other in the ebook store.  The discount expires on October 31, 2020.

It shows you how to create a voice and tone strategy that addresses customer needs and helps you build exceptional customer relationships.

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